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Where do you get your Bones?

If you see anything in my shop that was once living I can assure you they were not killed or harmed for the purpose of my product. They died of natural causes and were either given to or found by me.  

When I do have herbs in my shop, they’re all things I’ve grown myself in my own personal garden and are pesticide free. 

Do you reserve or alter products?

I have no problem reserving a particular piece for you, all you have to do is contact me via email. Nor do I mind altering certain finished pieces I already have to make it more you. Also, If you see a bracelet you like but it isn’t the right size for you, feel free to message me and we can find a way to make it fit. 


How much is shipping? Do you ship outside the USA?

All purchases have a set shipping price of $4. Unfortunately right now I can only send my products within the US because of shipping costs, however if you really want a piece and are elsewhere in the world, do feel free to reach out via email and we can discuss a way to get it to you. 

​Returns & Refunds

I gladly accept returns and exchanges!

Contact me within: 14 days of delivery

Ship items back within: 30 days of delivery

If your product arrives damaged or does not arrive at all, please reach out to me immediately via the contact section on this website so we can get that sorted out. I will always reply within 2 days of your email. 

Some custom orders may be able to be returned, but if you have any questions about that we should discuss it on a case by case basis


The only things that are not refundable are my divination services, and digital downloads of my artwork.

It's been two days and you haven't answered, what's going on ?

Has it been two business days? Despite being an online shop, my email responses operate under standard business hours of Mon-Fri from 8am-8pm.  

It is likely I will respond on a weekend or outside those hours if I have the free time, but I generally stick to this these time frames.

If it has been two business days and I have not answered, I did not see or possibly did not receive your email and you should please resend it or forward it to me again. 

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